Email Tracking, Alternative Products and Other New Functionality

Customer Contacts against a Quotes, Jobs etc.

A customer contact can be now associated with a quote / job / delivery note and invoice

Notification When Your Quote Email has Been Opened

When your prospect has opened your email, SNAP-Suite will email to let you know as soon as it has happened so you can follow up quickly.

You can also see if it’s been opened in quotes list:

Emailing Using a Different Address

You can now enter the email address that you want your quote / job confirmation / invoice, etc to come from. For example, for invoices you may wish to use You can set this up in the setting page for quotes module, and this will be added to the invoicing module in the next few days.

Edit Client and Contact on Quote Page

Both can be edited without having to open the customer record.

Extra Product Description

There is now an extended description field. You will need to add this to your templates to see it. This is most useful if you looking to generate specification documents.

Offer Associated Products

You can associate one or more products together to remind users to add them to a quote or job.

Offer Alternative Products / Dynamic Kits

You can swap out products with ones that you have set up to be alternatives to. This will allow some form of dynamic kits, where you can place a generic item in the kit and swap it out when it is dropped onto a quote or job.

Copy Sections

Sections can now be copied.

Add Comments to Kits

Blank and comment lines can now be added into a kit. To add a blank line, add an item with no product selected. It automatically becomes a comment. Edit the comment and make sure you have at least one space.

Access Control

Now only admin can:

  • Download customer details.
  • Import into the system
  • Access the product list
  • Create categories

Deleting Records

This has been improved to reduce the possibility of accidental deletions. Now only admin users can delete records.


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