New: Better Cost Management – Match to PO’s and Stock Costs

Track your costs and check that you are not overrunning on your budget for a job by matching up closely with your PO’s and taking items from stock.

Before, the system would add up all the costs on any associated Purchase Orders (PO’s). Now, it will only associate the costs for the number of items you have on the job. This means you can order extra items on your PO and they will not be added as costs to the job. You can also associate an item on the job to one on the PO and the cost from the PO will be automatically posted to your actual job costs.


Allocate Items from Stock

If you want to take an item from stock to use in the job, you can click on the menu for the item and select ‘Allocate from Stock’. This will update the cost of the item on the job to be the cost in the product list. It will also allocate that stock to the job and reduce the free stock by that quantity.


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