New: Create Quotes and Jobs from Templates – Great for Repeat Work and Delivery Charges

If you regularly quote or create jobs with the same products and services you can now set these up as templates and create a quote or a job from them to save time. For example, delivery charges can be added to templates to make sure staff don’t forget to add them or if you always have the same set of items for some quotes this make quote production quicker.



Templates can be accessed at the top of the quote and job list screens using the button ‘Templates’. Add, edit, delete and create quotes or jobs from them. If you are creating a quote from a template the system will use the next quote number and the same happens for jobs.

You can generate templates from existing quotes or jobs. Open the quote or a job you want and click on ‘Show More Settings’ and then ‘Create Template’. You will find the resulting template in the templates section.





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