Quickly Create Part (or Percentage) Invoices

Quickly create an invoice that is the % value of a quote or job. If you sometimes invoice just the part value of a quote or job/project/event Quikflw now makes it very easy to do.

On the quote or job click on ‘Create Invoice’ and select ‘Part Invoice’. Enter the percentage you want to invoice and click on ‘Invoice’.

Part Invoic

The invoice created will just have one line, with the description:

x% of £Total from Quote123

(e.g. 40% of £180 from NEW10238-1).

If you import this to your accounts package it will not have the line item details that were in the original quote or job and ideally, the nominal code for the items should all be the same.

When the invoice’s status has been changed to something other than Draft or Cancelled, its value will be recognised by the quote or job it was created by. This means when you are ready to create a second invoice, you can click on ‘Invoice Remaining’ and the system will calculate what is left to invoice and use that figure to create the completing invoice.





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