Add or Remove Fields/Columns from the Tiles on the Quote Pipeline

If you want the pipeline view to show more information about the quote (so you don’t have to open it) you can now do this. For example, if you want to show the value of the quote and the site/delivery address:


To do this, either click on the link on the left of the Quote Pipeline screen:


Or click on the Cog and select Quotation Settings then ‘Show/Hide Pipeline Fields’.

You can now select the fields or columns you want to see.


There are three states a column or field can be in:

  • Show – It is visible
  • Hide – Hidden but can be seen when the ‘Show More Details…’ link is clicked on the edit screen
  • Remove – It is not visible and cannot be shown by any method

Go back to the quote screen and the changed fields/columns will be visible.

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