New Way of Pricing your Products & Services

Sunday 19th July – The new new method of pricing has gone live. It does several things:

  • It allows to you have another layer of pricing and discount
  • It simplifies the way prices are managed

For example, you can have headline price, such RRP or MRP. We’ve called this the initial price.

You can then have a ‘list’ price in your price list which is discounted against the RRP or MRP. These will come from the new style price lists.

Finally, you can have a sale price that maybe discounted to the price list price.

Effectively, this means you can give a ‘standard’ discount to a client and then one specific to the quote.

As part of the change, we have also simplified the use of price lists. Before this, you had to set up price lists to put any prices into the system. Now, all you need are prices for items against a currency. So, if you don’t have specific prices for specific clients you don’t need to use price lists at all.

You can only have one initial per currency and this has moved to the bottom of the item edit screen to allow multiple currency prices.

If you want to add volume discounts to the prices, then use a price list.

Price lists can be set up in the Cog -> Business Settings -> Price Lists.

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