Real-time Leads/Opportunities Reporting with Pre-set Probabilities

You now have greater visibility over your pipeline of leads/opportunities.

Set the probability of a lead’s success by stage so when a lead is moved to a stage the probability is automatically set and the new weighted / probable value calculated.

Set this up in the Leads/Opportunities/Pipeline page.

At the top of each stage the total of all the weighted / probable values is now shown, with the grand total shown on the top right:

Add Optional Products and Services Anywhere on a Quotation

It is now possible to add optional products and services into a quotation, mixed with the included items. They are marked as ‘Optional’ and their total values are not included in the section or overall totals. For example:

Previously, the only way to do this was to have them in a separate section that had to have the ‘Include in Total’ box unticked but this gives you the ability to put them where they are most appropriate.

To make a product or service optional, click on the menu for the item and select ‘Set Item Optional’:

Use the same menu to reverse this.

Note: In Q2021 we plan to make it possible for clients to add/remove optional items on the client page. Currently, ‘optional’ items appear in the same way as non-optional items on the client page.