Add Optional Products and Services Anywhere on a Quotation

It is now possible to add optional products and services into a quotation, mixed with the included items. They are marked as ‘Optional’ and their total values are not included in the section or overall totals. For example:

Previously, the only way to do this was to have them in a separate section that had to have the ‘Include in Total’ box unticked but this gives you the ability to put them where they are most appropriate.

To make a product or service optional, click on the menu for the item and select ‘Set Item Optional’:

Use the same menu to reverse this.

Note: In Q2021 we plan to make it possible for clients to add/remove optional items on the client page. Currently, ‘optional’ items appear in the same way as non-optional items on the client page.

Simpler Attachment Management (Shareable & Internal)

When you add attachments to a quote, job, etc. you can now immediately drop it into an ‘Shareable’ section or an ‘Internal’ one.

When you then build or send a quote or job confirmation, etc. those that are in the internal section are not added whereas the shareable ones are. Use the double arrows image to move files between one state and the other.

This is a simplification of the ‘Preview’ eye in the old version:

Workflows – Run Different Business Processes Separately

If you have different processes in your business, for example manufacturing, and installation, or retail, and business-to-business, you can now see and manage them easier in Zigaflow with the Workflow functionality.

Set up specific statuses for each workflow or share them between the workflows. A quote, job, invoice etc. will move through those statuses only unless you move it to a different workflow.

This functionality will allow Zigaflow to mirror better your different business processes.

Find out more here:

Reminding your Teams, Suppliers and Customers just got easier with Repeating Scheduled Messages

If you want to send a scheduled message to your staff to follow up on a quote, or to a supplier to remind them to acknowledge your purchase order, or a customer to sign-off on your artwork, you can now set the scheduled messages to recur until the status of the quote/job/eForm/invoice/purchase order it is based on is changed.

To set this up, select:

-Quotations (or a different function)
-Scheduled Messages
-Add a new message or edit an existing one
-Set the recur tick box and enter the number of days to recur after

New Way of Pricing your Products & Services

Sunday 19th July – The new new method of pricing has gone live. It does several things:

  • It allows to you have another layer of pricing and discount
  • It simplifies the way prices are managed

For example, you can have headline price, such RRP or MRP. We’ve called this the initial price.

You can then have a ‘list’ price in your price list which is discounted against the RRP or MRP. These will come from the new style price lists.

Finally, you can have a sale price that maybe discounted to the price list price.

Effectively, this means you can give a ‘standard’ discount to a client and then one specific to the quote.

As part of the change, we have also simplified the use of price lists. Before this, you had to set up price lists to put any prices into the system. Now, all you need are prices for items against a currency. So, if you don’t have specific prices for specific clients you don’t need to use price lists at all.

You can only have one initial per currency and this has moved to the bottom of the item edit screen to allow multiple currency prices.

If you want to add volume discounts to the prices, then use a price list.

Price lists can be set up in the Cog -> Business Settings -> Price Lists.