Quikflw Wins Award for Usability

The leading business software review site CompareCamp recently recognised Quikflw with two awards:

  •             Great User Experience
  •             Rising Star of 2018

The Great User Experience was awarded after they had tested the quotation through to invoices system for clean design, accessibility, clarity, and ease-of-use. The reviewers highlighted how the system gives control over documents and creates an easy to understand workflow from Quotes to Jobs to Purchase Orders to Delivery Notes and Invoices.

Keeping the system easy-to-use is an on-going job as we add more functionality and we are delighted to be recognised for what has been done so far.

The Rising Star Award was given due to the increase in client base as well as how existing clients are benefiting as more functionality is being added based on their feedback. We know it’s a big factor to our clients that the system keeps improving how they work and the recognition of this with the award was very pleasing.

About CompareCamp

CompareCamp is a reputable online resource for reviews on B2B and SaaS solutions prepared by a team of software experts. CompareCamp reviews encompass all types of business solutions in the market. Aside from making product analysis, they also create comprehensive guides to assist businesses in making informed buying decisions across a wide selection of business tools and apps.

We’ve renamed to Quikflw

new logo notepad

We’ve changed the name from SNAP-Suite to Quikflw.

We did this because SNAP-Suite was not unique enough and we think that Quikflw is snappier.

Emails from the system will now be from “@quikflw.com” email addresses. We’ll be moving our personal emails over to this address in the next few days.

If you have any issues caused by this, please give us a shout!