New: Click-to-Edit & Screen Changes

When you click on a line item in a quote or job, etc, it will automatically change into edit mode. You can press the return key to save your changes.

We’ve also moved the main edit screen around to keep the client notes section always visible. Last week we added formatting to this and as more clients are now using it, we felt it was better to have it permanently visible. We’ve moved other items around to save on space.

The settings screen has been changed listing each section on the left of the screen. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to find the settings you need.


Please let us know if you have any questions or problems with the re-design. The intention is to make the system easier for you to use so please let us know if it has or hasn’t!


New: Text Formatting in Your Client Note:

You can now style your client notes with bold, italic, colours, tables, bullet points and more.


In the sample quote below, the {Notes} tag has been moved to the top and is populated with text in bold, colour, with bullet points and a table:


This will enable you to produce more appealing quotes and add more emphasis to your comments.

Take Client Credit Card Payments on Quotes & Invoices with only a 2.5% Fee

Take credit and debt card payments using Strip on Quikflw

Speed up getting paid by your clients using the new payment functionality in Quikflw.

Close the deal on a quote by taking immediate payment.

Make it easy for your client, and cheaper for you, if your client wants to pay your invoice by credit or debit card.

Specify the percentage or amount you want paid, and get a notification when its been made.

Fees are 2.5% + 20p for all European cards and 4.0% + 20p for all non-European cards.

For more details see:

Taking Client Payments in Quikflw





PDF’s – No longer limited to 3 templates, and in any order, and add other files

This release allows you to add as many templates into a document as you want, removing the restriction of just three in a set order.

You can also merge a Word or PDF attachment into the final document. Simply click on ‘Add Page’, then select ‘Attachment’ instead of ‘Template’ and select an attachment from the quote or other record you are creating. Attachments are only visible to pull in if they have been marked as ‘Send / Preview’ in the attachments panel.


Once they have been added, you also re-order the documents.


System Running Slow

Some large quotes or jobs are running very slowly on the system since the last release. Our apologies for this.

We have identified the cause, have made a fix and are now testing on the development system to make sure performance will return to the previous standard. We will put this live Monday or Tuesday evening.

Thank you.



Export Your Potential Purchase Orders for your Suppliers

If you need to let your suppliers what you may order if you get a contract, you can now export a list of the all the products you may order from them without creating POs.

The system can produce an Excel file with all the items in, either individually or totalled up by product.

To do this:

  • Select the Quotation
  • Click on Convert to New Purchase Order
  • Select the supplier(s)
  • Select whether to have totals by product or leave as individual items using the tick boxes at the top.
  • Click on Export Items
  • Click Cancel to stop any PO’s being created

If you have set the default supplier or selected the supplier in the drop down, it will appear in the file.


Product Quantities by Suppliers from a Quote (without creating PO’s)

To quickly see which suppliers will possibly get what orders if you win the quote, you can now export the list of products, their quantities and their suppliers.

To do this, click on the ‘Convert to New Purchase Order’ button. Fill out the details as you would if you were planning to create the purchase orders, but at the end of the process, instead of clicking ‘Create to Purchase Orders’ click on ‘Export Items’. This will produce an Excel file with all the details in.

Hide Products or Services on a Quote

You can now have a product or service on a quote but not show it to the customer.

One the quote, click on menu box and select ‘Hide on PDF’. This will also hide the item on the client’s page.


And you can see which items will be hidden by the eye icon:


You can hide items on a kit in the product edit page so that when they are dropped onto a quote they are automatically hidden from the client.


Multiple Images for a Product

You can now have more than one image for a product or services on your quote or specification sheets.

Add them to the product on the edit page or to a custom product as you are creating the quote. You can now have quotes and specifications looking like this:


Add in tags to the template for each image: {ItemImage2}, {ItemImage3},{ItemImage4}, etc. Unused tags are not displayed so put in as many as you think you will need.