Add a Percentage Value of a Quote (for freight and other charges)

If you need to add freight or some other line item based on the value of a quote you can now do this easily:

  • Add an item to a quote
  • Select the menu button for that item
  • Select ‘Calculate Price Based on Percentage’

This will take the total value of the quote, apply the percentage and put the result in that line item. You can recalculate multiple times and the value will be overwritten.



Stock Control Improvements – See free and on-order Stock

These figures can be seen in the stock overview screen but also for each product listed in a job.


These will show ‘Load’ when the job is first loaded. The figures are not shown by default as the calculations could slow down the load of the job.

To see the latest figures click on the ‘Apply’ button and select ‘Refresh Stock Info’.

To find out more, see this article in the support section.

New Interface – Simpler Menus and Color Coding of Modules

New Menus

All the modules are now accessible from the Go To menu. For example, if you want to open the Quotations screen, select Go To -> Quotations.

To change the settings for a module, such as Quotations, select Configure -> Quotation Settings.

Change the Background Colors

Each module can now have a different background color to make it easier to know which module you are working in.

To change the colors, so that the quotation screens have a different background color to the Jobs/Orders screens select the Cog -> Business Settings -> Branding Colours & Logos and set them.




Change Edit Form Labels (e.g. from ‘Note to Client’ to ‘Instructions’, or ‘Delivery Date’ to ‘Install Date’)

You no longer have to use the Quikflw labels on the main edit labels – you can change them to better suit your company. For example, a property maintenance company might want the screen to look something like this:


You can change all the screen as follows for each module:

  • Click on the Cog
  • Select the module’s settings (e.g. Quotation Settings)
  • Click on ‘Customize Edit Field Labels’
  • Change the labels as required